Helping bridge the automotive industry with veteran communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the automotive industry with the veteran community by raising veteran awareness through the teaching of automotive/technical life skills.


We are here to help rehabilitate veterans back into society after the military. We have many different programs that can help you get on your feet and start a new career.


Shift 6 can help veterans transition their skills learned in the military and apply them to an exciting career in the automotive industry. We offer hands-on training that will give you the skills you need to be successful.


Shift 6 offers rewarding opportunities for those looking to enter or further their careers in the automotive and technical industry.

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Read about how our program is making a difference in veteran lives here locally!

The Shift 6 experience was awesome! They brought local veterans together with a fun fabrication course. They collaborated with a local top-notch fabrication shop and put together a basic course to make a metal mailbox. We veterans got to show one another how to use the machines and come up with a unique design to make the coolest mailbox ever.

I’d definitely go back and do it again. Highly recommend.

J. French


Shift 6 enabled me to get out of my own head, revisit skills I thought lost, and encouraged me to continue moving forward with those skills. As a female it was refreshing to be accepted within a typically male dominated area. Highly recommended. 

Shawnra A.


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